I'm Katy, a Scottish yoga teacher with a passion for health, sustainability and environmentalism. I completed my 200 hour RYT (Yoga Alliance) training in 2018 and have since taught in Scotland, Germany, Myanmar and the Netherlands. I'm currently living in Amsterdam teaching in person, at studios, and online. With my academic background in Environmental Sciences (MSc), I feel there is a strong need for people to become more connected to the world around them. I truly believe that yoga can be used as a tool to facilitate us in becoming more mindful and conscious of our actions both to ourselves, the people around us and the environments in which we live.

Alignment’ is a commonly used term in yoga asana practice. It refers to the precise movements which aim to maximise benefits within yoga poses while minimising the risk of injury in the process. 


While alignment is an extremely important part of any physical yoga practice I have found that it is frequently lost in the discourse of yoga classes. My aim as a teacher is to guide my students in a safe and supportive manner through the use of clear and appropriate alignment cues, offering options for practitioners of all levels, shapes and sizes, no matter what restrictions they may have.


I truly believe yoga is for everyone, and that with the correct guidance yoga can be an incredible tool for all types of practitioners.




I love to teach energetic, challenging and playful vinyasa classes where we synchronise the breath with seamless movement. Join my classes and expect goofy jokes, sweaty vibes and a lot of fun! Check my 'Weekly Schedule' and feel free to book one of my online classes via 'Book Online'.


I additionally guide restorative yin yoga sessions. In these classes we slow down to open up deep layers of fascia (connective tissues) within the body. Asides from the benefits of releasing tension yin can provide as a deeply therapeutic practice, facilitating the release of mental and emotional blockages.

Meditation & Pranayama

I teach a number of meditation
& pranayama (breathing) techniques to calm and focus the mind. Body scanning is my favourite meditation method which I often incorporate in my classes. I have personally experienced the powerful effect it can have on relieving anxiety and stress.



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